The new Pay Rules in PARiM help you to build pay and charge rules with different time-related combinations for locations, positions, people and clients. Separated pages for pay and charge rules give you the opportunity to divide your rules into general rules (shift rules by position, location, and clients) and to more specific rules (employment type, personal and subcontractors).

Please see step by step on how to add a rule (applies for both – pay and charge):

1. From Pay Manager tab click on Pay Rules or Charge Rules to add either pay or charge rule
2. Next, please choose a rule list for which you are creating the rule for. Rules are grouped by position, location, client, personal, employment type or subcontractors list.
3. Click on ’Add rule’ on the upper left-hand side corner or click three-dot menu beside the row to add a rule for the specific end object
4. Fill in the rule criteria – name, rate, choose conditions and add correct end object to which the rule applies to
5. Click on ’Save’ at the bottom of the dialogue. If there are any errors that prevent you from saving the rule you are able to correct them and click 'Save' again.
6. The rate is automatically added to all of the current shifts that it applies to based on the priority list and your chosen time period for the rule.

Please find below 2 examples on how to add a rule

1. General rule - Age-specific rules for a position(s) – Minimum wage rule -  please see the screen recording on how to set up an age-specific rule using the condition.

Good to know! For the age-specific rule to work the date of birth needs to be added to the employee profile.

2. Specific rule – Personal pay rule for a position – please see the screen recording on how to set up a personal pay rate for a specific position. Firstly, please open the Personal rules list and then add a rule either using the ’Add rule’ option on the header of the page or look up the person to use the three-dot menu besides their name.

Good to know! You will need to set up pay and charge rules separately in their lists for the same criteria to have both of the rate values seen within the shift.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us at or contact us through the chat function in PARiM.

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