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Action History - find out who made what change in the system and when
Action History - find out who made what change in the system and when

Action history, who made the changes

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Action History does what it says - keeps the history of all the actions taken in the system.

It is very helpful if something has been done on the system and you need to find out more about it or to track the exact timeline of the related actions. It can be used to look up almost anything - when shifts were created, who deleted an event or a person, who applied for a shift and who accepted it and so forth.

For example, a sperson's shift was cancelled and it is unclear who performed this action. You can then go to the Action History report and find this information there - which user cancelled the shift and the exact date and time when this action took place.

1. Go to the Reports and from there find 'Action History'.

2.  Use the search field to type in keywords that are relevant to the information that you're looking for. This can be a username, event name or a specific action like 'pattern changed' or 'people details updated'. You can also enter a date in the following format 01/01/2018 and all the info related to that date will show.

Searching for usernames, location names, patterns or specific actions will give you detailed information about the action itself, the user who performed it as well as the exact time and date when it was done. The Description column will provide you with more details about the action and the change.

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