PARiM uses high quality Amazon Web Services that enables us to run our system safely and reliably in the cloud:

  • The information moving between the two is always protected and secure. SSL secure connection between your computer and our data center servers.

  • No one can actually read your password. SHA1 encrypted passwords are stored in database.

  • Session timeout. Should you leave your computer open for a long time or should you choose to log in from a different location such as another computer or mobile phone, the previous session is terminated.

  • Dedicated system and file storage, separated on operating system level. Replicated on multiple machines and storage devices. It is like having your service running on your own machines.

  • Every single customer has their own database with access only from their system - dedicated database. It is impossible for anyone other than you to access your data.

  • 24/7/365 availability for your service - multiple data centres. Should one of the data centres for what ever reason fail to provide service for you, another one will take over.

  • Your data is never lost or unavailable. Replicated databases and regular hourly backups guarantee that.

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