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This is a general overview of the Events page. All of the actions described here are explained step by step in corresponding guides which are linked at the end of the article.

On the Events page you have an overview of all the events you or your clients have created. You can also view, filter by site or a department and edit detailed information about the events as well as fill the required positions. This page contains three views:

  • Calendar 

  • Event List 

  • Finished Events

1. When you go to the Events page, it will automatically open in the Calendar view which is basically an overview of all your past and present events either by month or week.

You can add new events by clicking on 'Add New Event' in the top right corner of the page.

When you click on an existing event in the calendar view the system will open a sidebar window with event details. Under the three dots menu options you will find a list of actions which you can do with the event such as edit its details, copy it or export a CSV of the team's details.

You can also add positions to the event and monitor the process of the positions being filled.

2. In the Event List view, you can view basic event information and the status - such as whether the event has been approved or how many positions are still required to be filled.

When you click on the event name, it will take you to the Event View page where you can fill the acquired positions as well as insert and edit all the necessary information about the event.

3. Finished events is a list of all past events - even though they have already taken place you can still view and update information about them if needed.

Now that you've got a general overview of what you can see and do on the Events page, here are some articles that will help you get started: 

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