There are two ways to create a new position, depending on whether your role on the system is Superadmin or Manager.

Option One

Superadmin can do this from the System Settings > People Settings > Positions by clicking on the green button ''Add Position''. A dialogue box opens where you can fill in in the information about the positions and choose the color with what the shift will be displayed on the schedule calendar.

Option Two

Another way to create new positions, for both Superadmin and Manager, is to use the Schedule calendar. Click on the calendar date as you would to create a new shift and then find the three dots menu next to the positions select dropdown. You will find an option ''Add a new position'' there which allows you to create a new position.

A new dialogue box opens where you can fill in information about the shift and choose a colour for it.

Now that you have created new positions read also how to add them to staff members

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