You can either add an open shift which means that it isn’t assigned to a specific employee yet or you can add a shift directly to a certain person.

To add an open shift:

1. Go to the open shifts area at the top of the schedule calendar and either click on the grey area or in the Weekly view you can also click on the plus icon next to your chosen date. This will open a New Shift dialogue pop up window.

2. Fill in the necessary information to create a shift by:

  • searching and selecting a location

  • selecting an existing or adding a new position for the shift (click on the three dots next to the position field to add a new one) and choosing the amount of staff members needed

3. If you would like to add any additional information or instructions about a shift, you can do this in the 'Notes' section on the right-hand side for a staff member to view.

4. Once you have filled in all the fields, click 'Save' and the shift box will be displayed now on the Schedule in the open shifts area. You can now assign it to an employee by dragging and dropping it next to the name of the relevant user onto the correct date.

To add a shift directly to an employee:

1. Go to to an empty date box on a person’s row and click on it. This will open the same popup window in which you can create new shift but this time the name of that particular employee will be automatically added to the shift.

2. Fill in all the necessary fields and click ‘Save’ - the shift will now show up on the employee’s schedule.

Now, let's assume you did not assign it and wish to do so later. Click HERE to find out how to assign open shifts to staff members.

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