Multiple shifts can be deleted in one go on the Shifts List page (hover over the Schedule tab on the blue menu bar and choose Shifts List from the options).

Please note! On the Shifts List page only Open shifts can be deleted. This means that if you wish to delete assigned shifts you would firstly need to unassign them so they would become open shifts after which you will also be able to remove them from the system. This has been made into two-step process to avoid accidental deleting of the shifts.

Please find below our 2 steps to delete multiple shifts:

  1. To cancel multiple shifts on the Shifts list firstly use the filters on the left-hand side to find the shifts that you wish to cancel. Next, tick the shifts and click on 'With selected' to open all the possible actions for these shifts. Choose 'Unassign' (for the published and assigned shifts you will need to enter a cancellation reason before you can cancel them).

  2. To delete multiple shifts you will need to follow the same steps as above. For the Open, Unpublished and Waiting shifts it will give the option to 'Delete' immediately under the 'With Selected' button, whereas for the Published and Assigned shits you would need to choose 'Unassign' first and then tick the 'Delete shift' option in the dialogue box.

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