You can either add open shifts which are not assigned to a specific employee right away or add a shift and immediately assign it to a certain staff member.

To add an open shift to a specific day click on the little plus icon '+' next to your chosen date. This will open a pop up window.

Fill in the necessary information to create a shift by:

1. searching for an existing site/event or adding the new site (highlighted in red).

2. selecting an existing or adding a new position (the same as adding new site) for the shift and choosing the amount of staff members needed;

3. inserting the hours of the shift (once you have inserted the hours the system will automatically display how many hours in total the shift will be);

4. if you wish, search staff to assign to this shift right away – start typing in the name of a staff member and you should automatically be given the option of choosing that employee.

5. If you like to add any aditional information about a shift, you can do this in the 'Comments' section for a staff member to view.

Once you have filled in all the fields, click 'Create' and the shift box will be displayed now in the list of shifts under that date.

To add a shift that will immediately be assigned to a specific staff member, you can either by:

1. fill in the 'Search staff to assign' field when creating a shift from the shift list,


2. go to an empty date box in a staff member's schedule and click on it. This will open the same pop window in which you can create a shift, just this time the name of that particular staff member will be automatically added to the box.

Fill in all the necessary fields, click 'Create' and the shift should show up in their schedule.

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