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Subcontractor role can be used for either Subcontractor firms or Agencies. If you want to parcel up multiple shifts, assign them to them, get them to confirm that they are going to undertake these and want a Cost Statement that you can match against their incoming invoice then the Subcontractor Function is for you.

Important: the Subcontractor's role and access level, however, differs from an Employee in multiple ways.

1. Subcontractor vs Employee

Subcontractors do not get access to the system which means they won't have their own PARiM account. After adding them to the system they will not receive login details as employees do.

Subcontractors are not time and attended via the PARiM system. As subcontractors don't have an access to the PARiM system they are not able to clock into and out of shifts.

2. Adding subcontractors onto PARiM

To add subcontractors onto PARiM go to the Subcontractors page which is one of the submenus under the People tab on the top blue menu bar. Hover over the People tab and choose 'Subcontractors'.

Next, click on the green 'Add subcontractor' and fill in the necessary details.

Once you're done click on Save. The subcontractor will now show up on your Subcontractors page and on the Schedule.

Please note: subcontractors and employees are considered as different roles on the system and therefore can't be changed from one to another.

3. Scheduling for subcontractors

You can add and assign shifts to subcontractors the same way as for the regular employees. The only difference is that for a subcontractor you can add multiple shifts for the same date and time.
If you only want to schedule for subcontractors then on the Schedule calendar under the filters you will find a 'Employment Type' filter under which you can select 'Subcontractors'.

4. Statements of work

If you wish to send subcontractors a statement of work then you would need to go to their profile and switch ON a setting 'Statement of work is required'. You will then be able to create a new statement and send it to the subcontractor's email which they will then need to accept.

Note: The shifts on the Schedule calendar will show in a yellow colour to indicate the waiting status of the shifts, once the subcontractor accepts the statement the shifts will turn to the position colour to indicate that these are now confirmed shifts.

Sending a statement of work

Click on the 'New statement' and select the shifts you want to include by clicking on them. Next, add instructions if needed and click on 'Save and preview' which will open a preview window where you can click on 'Send'.

Accepting a statement of work

The subcontractor will receive an email with a link to view and accept the statement. The email will have a button 'View the statement' which when clicked will open a new PARiM window where they can view the shifts' details and accept the statement.

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