In addition to being assigned to shifts by an admin, you can also apply for available shifts yourself. This can be done either by logging into your account on our PARiM mobile app or via a desktop.

To apply for a shift via PARiM mobile app:

To find out how to apply for open shifts on the app have a look at a short video tutorial here:

To apply for a shift via a desktop:

1. Click on 'Open Shifts' in your toolbar. Here you can view all the open shifts and positions that are available.

2. All of the open shifts have information about the shift included. If you are sure you can work a certain shift and wish to apply for it, simply click on the green 'Apply' button next to the shift information.

3. After clicking on 'Apply' the site will ask you for confrmation about applying just in case. If you are absolutely certain you wish to apply for this shift, click 'Apply' again, and your application wish will be sent to your employer and the status of the shift will change to 'Submitted' instead of 'Available' and now all you need to do is wait for confirmation from your employer.

4. If you wish to cancel your application for whatever reason, click on 'Cancel' and again, the site will ask you if you're absolutely sure you want to cancel your shift application. If you click 'Confirm', your application will be cancelled.

You now know how to apply for shifts! Maybe you want to have a look at some other articles about shifts?

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