Once you have created open shifts to the top of the Schedule calendar you can notify staff members that there are new available shifts to apply for. This can be done on the Schedule page.

1. Find the 'New Message' button on the top right hand corner and click on the arrow next to it, select 'Notify about Open Shifts'.

2. A message window will open where on the left-hand side you will find all the open shifts - click on them to include them to the message. Next, write a message to staff with the relevant information.

3. On the right-hand side of the message you will find a Suitable Recipients list. The staff shown there is automatically selected to receive this notification depending on their availability and suitability - this comes from the company's settings, for example, whether the Position Match is required or not.

You can exclude staff members from the list by clicking on their names.

5. Finally, select whether you want the message to go out as an email and/or SMS. Click 'Send'.

Please note! To use the SMS function for this your company would need to be subscribed to the SMS and Voice Module.

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