Adding NFC tag as a checkpoint

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Checkpoints module is available for customers on the Professional plan and higher.

To use NFC tags, mobile phones need to support this functionality. Supported devices are iPhone 7 and newer models with iOS 13 or above. For Android, the functionality is available on most phones released since 2012.

To find out how to activate an NFC tag and add it as a checkpoint on the system, have a look at the introductory video or find detailed instructions below.

Adding an NFC tag as a checkpoint

1. Go to the app's menu and click on 'Add Checkpoints'.

2. Take the NFC tag and hold it against the back of the mobile around the middle area during the whole time you set up the tag. The mobile will show as 'Scanning'. Once it has finished scanning, a new page will open where you need to click on 'Create Checkpoint'.

3. On the next page you can enter the name for the new checkpoint as well as the site's name. Once that is done make sure to click on the tick in the top right corner to save it. Now the tag has been attached to the checkpoint and you can remove the tag from the phone.

4. The last step is adding the tag also to the checkpoints route which you can do by logging in to your system via a computer. You will need to go to the Sites page next to the Checkpoints and Routes page. Next, find the site you want to attach the tag to.

5. Once you have chosen the Site, if you hover over the Routes name it will give you the option to Edit. If you click on that the checkpoints will become active and the checkmarks will appear in front of them. Next, you will need to tick the new checkpoint to make it active. To finish the process, click Save under the Routes section.

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