You can add people either individually or send them invitation emails to invite them to join PARiM themselves. You can also bulk upload people via an import file. You will find all these options on the People page by clicking on the green ‘Add a person’ button.

Adding a person

To add your first employees into the system:

1. Select ‘Add a person’ option. This will take you to page where you can insert details about a new user.

2. Fill in the first and last name and email of your employee (these fields are mandatory).

3. Choose whether you want to give the new member access to the staff portal – if you leave the option ON, we will send the login information to this person and they can log into the staff portal. If you switch the access OFF the new user won’t be notified of the account having been created for them until you choose to give them access later.

4. After you have filled in all the necessary information about your new employee, click ‘Save’.

Congratulations, you have added your first employee into the system! They should now show up in the list on your People page.

Sending invitations to join PARiM

Another way to add people is to send them email invitations inviting them to join PARiM - all they have to do then is accept the invite in the email they receive, log in, fill in their details and voila - you have a new employee!

To send invitations:

 1. Click on the ‘Invite’ option which appears when you click on the green ‘Add a person’ button on the People page.

2. This will open an invitation pop up window where you can insert the people's email address(es) you wish to invite to join and also write a message for them that will be included in the email.

3. Click on ‘Invite’ to send the invitations.

4. You can view the sent invitations and whether they have been accepted on the Invitations page which is one of the submenus if you hover over the People tab on the top blue menu bar.

Bulk uploading people via import file

You can also add users via a bulk upload. If you have an xls, xlxs, csv document format with your employees’ details you can import them to the system which is very quick and simple action to complete. Just follow these few steps:

1. First excel spreadsheet row – row A for your column headings

2. Must include email address – no duplicate email addresses are accepted by the system

3. If you want to include home address straight away, need to have city/town and street name column headings with the information

4. After you have prepared the document click on the ‘Import from file’ option under the green ‘Add a person’ button on the People page

5. When the document is uploaded match the fields by dragging and dropping.

6. Click 'Preview' at the right lower corner and if you have uploaded information successfully all of the staff members should have a green tick next to them. If instead of the tick you see 'x' icon click on the line and correct highlighted information. You can also ignore those incorrect fields by ticking 'Ignore all rows with errors', however, information will then not be uploaded to the system.

7. Click ‘Finish’ and the software will upload it for you.

8. See your staff members uploaded on the ‘People’ page.

You've now successfully added people. Here's the next article in this section.

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