Checkpoints´ BETA module is available for customers on Business and Professional plan and NFC tag scanning works on Android phones only.

The Checkpoints function allows you to set up physical checkpoints at a location, where people can check in at using the Parim App on their mobile phones. This enables you and the system to detect the person's exact location at the time of the check-in so you know exactly where the person is and that it is where they are required to be while on duty.

The checkpoints can also be used for the people to start their shift, for example, if you have a large venue with many people needing to sign in at once, you can set up a checkpoint and the staff simply walk by/ past it and the Parim App starts their shifts automatically.

Automatic location identification devices

We offer two different location identification devices as physical checkpoints - NFC tags and iBeacons. See below for a list of how they differ from each other:


  •  Needs user interaction from person because they need to tap the tag with their phones in order for the tag to register them and for the check-in to happen

  • Can be used with android phones that have NFC support

  • Cost effective solution


  • User interaction is not needed, the device detects the staff's location automatically when they're within the set radius (20m) from the iBeacon

  • Can be used with both Androids and iPhones

  • Works on Bluetooth technology

Checkpoints and Routes

Set up checkpoints at a site and incorporate them into a Route which the people need to cover during their shift. The people will have the Route information in their shift details so they can easily follow it when checking in.

Important: you can set up Routes which need to be covered during the shift, however, it is not possible to set up a specific time period when a specific checkpoint needs to be checked.

Monitoring check-ins

When the person enters the room where checkpoints have been set up either he taps the NFC tag with their phone or the iBeacon picks them up automatically, the app will do a checkpoint check and the location info will be sent to admin portal immediately. You can monitor this in real-time on the Time Clock page where the map shows where and when the latest check-ins have been made.

Checkpoints Report

Run a detailed report for when a checkpoint was checked and by whom. You can also export it as a CSV file and send to clients as an overview.

  •  To order tags please contact our customer support via the blue bubble chat on the bottom right-hand corner.

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