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The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the additional modules PARiM offers to ensure that you are making the best use of the platform to meet your company's needs.

We offer 30-day trials for all except one of our modules to give you a chance to see how they work by trying them out.

Please note that after the trial ends, the associated features and info will no longer be visible. By subscribing to the related module, the information will be visible once again.

To access the list of available Modules, you would need to hover over the bust icon on the top-right of PARiM and select Subscriptions.

Note! This section is only visible for users with superadmin level access.

On this page, you can review your subscription package and also subscribe to & unsubscribe from the different modules we offer.


This module lets you create and manage events on a page specifically designed for it.


The module lets you manage equipment provided to your employees. Additional information can be found in a comprehensive Assets article.

Check calls

The module lets you set up automatic regular check-in´s for workers to provide an extra layer of security and control when they are working in hazardous environments.

This module requires SMS & Voice, Time & Attendance.


The module lets you set up physical checkpoint locations with the use of NFC tags or iBeacons. This module requires Time & Attendance module and business or professional subscription.

SMS & Voice

This module provides the ability to send out one-way SMS and call communications to staff in addition to the existing email and internal communication channels.

If you have any further questions about the modules that we offer, please write to us via chat or send an email to

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