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Shift Confirmation - how does it work?
Shift Confirmation - how does it work?

Shift confirmation, shift request, accept shift request

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Shift confirmation is a requirement for people to accept the shift requests that they have been assigned. When assigning shifts to people you can have them confirm these shifts to acknowledge that they have seen the shift and are able to do it.

Turn the relevant settings ON

1. To start using this function you will firstly need to go the System Settings -> Scheduling Settings -> Shift Assignment and turn ON the following setting 'Person´s Confirmation Required For New Shift'.

2. As this is a location specific setting you will also need to go to the location's profile that you wish to use it for and turn the same setting ON there as well as seen below.

How to send a shift request?

Sending a shift request works exactly the same as assigning a regular shift to a people, the only difference is that on assigning a shift to an employee it will automatically change to a yellow colour instead of the normal position colour to indicate the 'waiting status'. This means you have sent a request to a employee to cover a shift and they have yet to accept it.

Once the person has accepted the shifts they will turn into the normal position colour as chosen in the settings to indicate that these shifts are confirmed and no further action needs to be taken with them.

Shifts waiting for confirmation

You can either wait for the employee to confirm it or you can confirm it yourself (for example if the employee wishes to accept the shift but doesn't have access to a computer or mobile application at the moment) by right-clicking on the shift and choosing 'Confirm'. The shift will then turn into a normal position colour.

Please note! Requiring people to confirm the shifts is optional and depends on whether the setting 'Staff confirmation required for new shift' is switched on in the Scheduling Settings.

How does it work for employee?

When you send a shift request for people they will be notified by a push notification on the app, email or SMS  saying 'You have a new shift waiting for your confirmation'.

Next, if the employee opens the app from the Schedule tab they will be able to see the shift request there and accept or reject these. On iOS app the pending shift requests will be marked with yellow dot in front of the shift:

In order to accept or decline the shift the employee needs to open it and accept/decline the shift:

On the desktop the shifts waiting for confirmation are displayed in a yellow colour, they can be confirmed when to left-click on them.

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