This article applies to the Premium and Enterprise plans only as Statements of Work are relevant to those plans.

When you are looking to pull reports on subcontractor's shifts and they don't show on the Summary Report, then this is caused by the fact that the subcontractor has not confirmed their shifts via a statement of work and the shifts are marked as yellow on the Schedule calendar. You have the statement of work requirement setting switched ON on the subcontractor's profile.

There are two possible solutions for the shifts to be displayed on the Summary Report

  1. Please ask the subcontractor to confirm the shifts. Once the subcontractor accepts the statement of work, the shifts will turn to the position colour on the Schedule calendar and show on the report. 

  2. Switch OFF the 'Statement of work is required' setting if you don´t need that setting. After you have switched the setting OFF, the shifts will go to normal position colour on show on the report.

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