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Time Clock - real-time people attendance monitoring
Time Clock - real-time people attendance monitoring

Alerts, clock in/out, book on/off, approve timesheets, location, geolocation

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On the Time Clock page you can monitor your people attendance in real-time, amend and approve timesheets and view detailed activity log for every shift. This summary covers everything you need to know about the Time Clock page, plus an intro video showing how staff clock in, the reminders they get, and how admins track attendance.

Video introduction: Time and Attendance Tracking in PARiM

Now let's proceed to the overview of Time clock page: the information available and the actions you can take.

1. Shift statuses: Late, Running, Overtime, Left Early

For ongoing shifts you will have an overview of whether the people is late, whether they have clocked in and the clock is running or if they have clocked out of shift before its scheduled finish time.

2. Admins and supervisors can do clocking actions for the people if needed

Actions that can be done by admin for people: clock in, start break, end break, clock out and check in.

3. Staff location for clocking

If location access is allowed for PARiM app, the Time Clock page will show the exact location where the person clocked in and out of the their shift. This information can be found under the pin icon - it is green if the clocking location falls within the allowed radius and red if the clocking action was done too far away from the site.

4. Scheduled and actual shift time displayed

The 'Shift time' column shows the scheduled times whereas the 'Start' and 'End' columns show the actual shift times for when the shift was started / ended. The actual times are highlighted in red if they are different from the scheduled shift time. If you need to amend the actual shift hours simply click on the input and enter the correct start and end time.

5. Approve timesheets

Once you've made sure the shift times are correct you can approve the timesheets by clicking on the green 'Approve' button at the end of the shift row.

6. See shift details and Activity Log

Click on the shift row to open a Timesheet sidebar which has all the detailed information about the shift including the Activity Log where every action that has been taken with the shift has been recorded - when the shift was created, when the people applied to it, when the people clocked in/out and who approved the timesheet.

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