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Company's Absence Default Settings

To set up company wide absence default settings go to the System Settings page - hover over the torso icon for options.

From the left-hand side click on 'Absence Settings'. On the upper part of the page you will find  'Absence Defaults' section where you can set up company wide settings for absences. You can set the Holiday Year Start Date, Holiday Allowance and choose whether it is tracked in Days, Hours or Accrued percentage.

On the bottom of the 'Absence Settings' page you will find Absence Types

Person´s individual Absence Settings

If you have people with different Holiday Allowances and ways of tracking it you can also set these individually for each employee. Go to their profile and you will find the Absences section next to person details - click on the blue 'Update' to edit employee´s absence details.

A window will open where you can view and edit the individual absence settings for a employee. Set a personal holiday allowance and whether it is tracked in Days, Hours or Percentage of worked hours. You can also set a personal Hourly Rate for the allowance pay as well as how many hours are covered in the allowance pay in the  'Hours per day' field. To finish click on 'Save changes'.

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