How to use the filter bar?

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PARiM filter bar allows you to choose how and what data you would like to see on the 'People', 'Schedule' and 'Shifts List' pages. The new filter bar allows you to:

  • customise your filter bar by selecting the filters you want to use

  • save the selected filters as a view to use it later

  • save time by not having to apply the filters every day

  • find the people and shifts you need to work with faster

Watch an introductory video to get an overview of how Filter bar works in Parim system.

Four basic actions with the filters will make your daily work with data more efficient and time saving. Please read in more detail how to create a view, save a view, switch the view and reset the view using the filter bar.

1. Creating the views by adding filters - create a specific view by adding and removing filters based on your need. To add a filter click on '+Add Filter' and to remove click on 'x' before the filter description.

2. Saving the view -
once you have created the view based on your preferences along with tools setting, save it by clicking on 'Save view' .

3. Switching between the views -
you can simply move between your saved views if you open the drop-down menu and select another saved view.

4. Resetting filters back to the default view -
if you want to reset the filters and create a new view from the start, then please click on the current view's name and choose the default view called 'All people' or  'All people and shifts'  based on what page you are viewing.

5. Editing the saved view - if you want to edit or update the view, then first please open it and then add/remove filters or tools settings and finally re-save it.

6. Delete the saved view - if you want to delete the view, then please click on the pencil icon beside the view name and then click on 'Delete'

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