PARiM´s Pay Schedule will help you to run your Pay Run report based on your company´s payout periods. The Pay Schedules need to be set up in the Pay Manager section in the System Settings.

The Pay Schedules that you set up in the Pay Manager and add to an employment type will be displayed as options on the Payroll Report helping you to start automating running the payroll.

Different Pay Schedule options

PARiM offers three different default Pay Schedule options - Week, Month and Custom. Each of the options will determine the payout period length and can be customized based on your company´s needs.

1) Weekly - payout period length is one week and you can set from which weekday it starts and from which date this period is active. The employee will be paid weekly and this is a repeating cycle.

Good to know! Period length allows you to create different payout periods for example 2 weeks (bi-weekly) if you select the length to be 2xWeek.

2) Monthly - payout period length is one month and you can set the period start day to be any day from 1st to 31st and from which date this period is active. If you would like the start day to be the last day of each month, then please choose the option by sliding the switch. Employees will be paid monthly and this is a repeating cycle.

3) Custom - this option is for a one-off payment for a manually added period. With this pay schedule, you can set the custom period(s) for a one-off payment and set it active.

Adding new or editing existing Pay Schedule

Please open the 'Pay Manager' section in the System Settings and update an existing default one or create a completely new one from the scratch. 

1. Edit existing Pay Schedule - click on the existing Pay Schedule name and the edit dialogue will open. Change details based on your need and click 'Save'

Good to know! If you edit a Pay Schedule that has been previously added to Employment Types, then this will update the Pay Schedule for all the Employment Types for which it has been added and removes the pay lock from the Pay Run report. Employment Types for each Pay Schedule are listed in the overview table.

2. Add a new Pay Schedule  - click on 'Add Pay Schedule' and then fill in all the necessary details - name, period length, the start day and click on 'Save'.

3. Add a new Pay Schedule while creating a new Employment Type - on the Pay Schedule tab click on 'Create' if you want to add a new Pay Schedule specific for the employment type and fill in all the details. 

Read on how to create an Employment Type - HERE.

Important! - Pay Schedules need to be added to active employment types and active employment types to people, otherwise, no one´s shift data will show up on the Pay Run report. Please see how to add Pay Schedule to Employment type  and how to add Employment Type to People 

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