PARiM's Pay Run report includes all the information needed to pay your employees based on the assigned shifts, jobs, and absences. The report is based on pay periods that are defined with Pay Schedules that have been added to Employment Types.

Pay Run report is designed to meet your company's needs by offering you the option to set up your pay period(s) and by deciding the criteria in which timesheets are included in the specific period

  • 'Timesheets included' option under Pay Manager - an individual separate setting to decide based on what timesheets are included in the report - by timesheet date or timesheet approval date. Please read more from HERE.

  • Scheduled vs Actual hours for Pay Run report - an individual separate setting to decide which hours are sent to Pay Run report. If you always want to pay out based on the Scheduled hours, you can switch this setting ON.

Pay Run report's features and functionalities

1. Locking Timesheets, Absences, and Jobs - after you have validated the timesheet data and are ready to pay your employees based on it, you can now lock the timesheet values. Read more from HERE.

2. Unlocking Timesheets, Absences, and Jobs - already locked timesheets can be unlocked in locking was done by mistake.

3. Pay Lock conflict warning - if a previously locked timesheet has been modified, it will add an additional filter to Pay Run highlighting that there is a conflict. Read more from HERE.

4. Pay Periods and Unscheduled pay period - Pay Run report is based on company-specific pay periods and additionally offer an opportunity to use the Unscheduled pay period to overview payroll data over a custom period of time.

5. Direct link to Timesheets List - quick access to Timesheets List to review all actions taken with the timesheet and if necessary, to amend timesheet's values for Pay Run report.

*This option is available when subscribed to Time & Attendance module.

6. Filter bar - on the left-hand side of the report there is a powerful selection of filters helping to sort and manage your payroll in a focused way. Read more from HERE.

7. Grouping options - group your Pay Run report using different grouping options available to view and manage your payroll data as needed.

8. Columns option - decide what columns are needed for a report by adding and removing. Pay Run report columns are sortable helping you to arrange your data.

9. Save view - save your frequently used filter combination with different columns selection using 'Saved Views' functionality. Good to know! With Pay Run Save View the exact dates are saved as well - this feature is helpful to save specific payroll for easy accessing later on.

10. Export a CSV file  - Pay Run report can be easily exported as a CSV file and you are able to choose whether you would like to lock the timesheet while export or not.

11. Action history - if you hover over an approved or locked buttons you are able to see who and when has approved or locked the timesheet, absence, expense, or job.

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