PARiMĀ“s Pay Run report allows you to lock timesheets, absences, expenses, and jobs, and track changes that have been made after the locking with 'Conflict warning'. The Conflict Warning functionality helps you to effortlessly spot updates made to already locked timesheets, expenses, absences, or jobs.

If an already locked value has been updated, then the lock icon will be displayed in red colour and information about conflicts being present within the report is also highlighted with the Conflict Warning filter which allows to filter out only timesheets with the locking conflict.

Conflict is shown and locked value highlighted as red, if:

  1. Hours have been updated for a timesheet or an absence

  2. Date has been changed for a timesheet, absence or job

  3. Rate has been updated for a shift, absence or job

Please check what details have been changed by clicking on the values that are highlighted in red colour to see the details:

After you have checked the changes, then you are able to 'Accept changes' to be part of the Pay Run report or just leave the previously locked values in the report. If you accept the changes then the conflict warning will disappear and new values will be displayed in the report.

Good to know! Depending on if you are using Scheduled or Timesheet hours for your Pay Run report, then conflict for total hours update is triggered differently.

Important! If you delete/unassign shift, absence, or job from the Schedule then the previously locked value will be removed from the Pay Run report.

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