PARiM's Pay Run report includes all the information needed to pay your employees based on the assigned shifts, jobs, and absences. The report is based on pay periods, that are defined with Pay Schedules that have been added to Employment Types.

The unscheduled pay period option allows you to review your payroll data above the usual pay schedules making it easy to get an overview of the data for the custom period.

PARiM Unscheduled pay period also has the same option to lock the timesheet, absence, job, or expense to specific pay period that your company uses. The unscheduled pay period is excellent for:

  • Reviewing payroll data for specific custom period

  • Exporting payroll data for a custom period via CSV file

  • Combine all your different pay schedules into one report for the custom period, e.g Monthly, Biweekly and Weekly

  • Spot unlocked payroll values and lock them to correct pay period for payout

If you are interested in accessing the Pay Run report Beta version, write to us at

However, please keep in mind that while a Beta version often introduces exciting new features we all would love to use as soon as possible, it may contain small bugs and slight errors that may not get fixed as a priority or before the main release.

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