PARiM allows you to set your employees´ accounts to 'On Hold'. You can use the status for your newly added employees which you do not want to use on your Schedule just yet or you can use the status to remove your active employees from future Scheduling.

'On Hold' status is meant to remove employee from active scheduling and at the same time the employee cannot access their account to apply for a shift, work the shifts or do any additional actions with their account.

Account status update to 'On Hold' from 'Active'

From time to time you might need to temporarily remove your employee from the active working for account review which means you will not be able to assign new shifts and the user will not be able to view any shift details.  

When you change the status from Active to On Hold, then this will mean:

  1. All the previously scheduled shifts will remain on the Schedule on the employee row. If you want to remove the assigned shifts, then this needs to be done manually on the Shift List

  2. The employee will not be able to use their account when in On hold status

  3. All the previously scheduled shifts will remain on the Time Clock page. If you did not unassign the future assigned shifts, then these will also be visible on the Time Clock page on the correct day.
    Good to know! As employee account status is On Hold, then they will not be able to clock in or out of the shifts

  4. All the employee-related data will be visible on the reports - including Pay Run.
    Good to know!
    All the assigned shifts will be included in the reports and if you want to remove them, then please unassign the shifts from the employee using Shift List.

Account status update to 'On Hold' from 'In review' or 'Data Incomplete'

When you update the status to be 'On Hold' for a new employee, then this means that the employee account is ready for scheduling, but the employee is not yet visible on the Schedule.

Overview of Account Statuses is available here.

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