PARiM has three different 'Account Statuses' for employees on the system - Pending, Active and Terminated. The status filter is on the left side of the People page and helps to sort and manage your employee accounts with a few simple clicks to have an overview.

Please find below descriptions of each of the 'Account Status':

  • Active - employees with Active status are ready for Scheduling and visible on the Schedule page.

  • Pending - employees with Pending status are divided into three main status - Data Incomplete, In Review and On Hold. Employees are not ready for scheduling and not visible on the Schedule page.

               1) Data Incomplete - Data Incomplete and Registration Incomplete - data                           entering process is not yet completed
               2) In Review - account data is completed and additional account set up can                       be finalised by admins users
               3) On Hold - user account is ready, but not visible on the Schedule yet

  • Terminated - employees with Terminated status are the ones whose contract has ended and are automatically moved to the Terminated list. Employees are not visible on the Schedule. 

Please read on how to change Account statuses.

Good to know! Active user count for your selected PARiM's plan (Compact, Business or Professional) is the sum of Active and Pending user accounts.

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