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Rule Template - how to add and use
Rule Template - how to add and use

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The new Pay Rules in PARiM help you to build pay and charge rules with different time-related combinations for locations, positions, people and clients and rule templates will help you to set the rules up to more quicker by eliminating manual work to select the rule criteria.

Template is a predefined rule base with specific conditions. You can save a template that you are able to use while creating new rules that are using the same set of conditions but have different end objects to which the rule applies. For example, it will be useful for age-specific rules if the set age ranges do not change or for weekday/weekend rules.

Example of how to add and use a template for a rule

Please see screen recording on how to add an age-specific template and then use it while creating a Minimum wage rule:

Please see below the steps that were taken in the recording to create a template and then use it within a rule:

  1. First, please open the rule list for which you would like to add the template for

  2. Then, please click on ’Add template’

  3. Next, fill in the template criteria – name and conditions (age range), then click on ’Save’

  4. Now you can use the template while adding a rule by clicking on ’Add rule’ and then ’Select template’ which will show you the previously created templates to choose from

Good to know! You can view and edit the created templates by clicking on 'View templates' on each of the rule lists.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us at or contact us through the chat function in PARiM.

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