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PARiM's Timesheets List gives an overview of all the timesheets for the selected period along with various ways to edit, approve, filter, sort and group making managing timesheets simple and effortless.

Timesheets List has many features which help you to manage timesheet related data:

1. Period - choose the period to view the timesheets either from suggested options, eg Last Week, Current Month or use custom period by selecting the start and end time manually

2. Hours - Actual, Scheduled, and Clocked hours. These hours for each of the timesheets give a fast and simple way to compare scheduled times with actual timesheet times and decide which hours will be paid out to the employee.

3. Timesheet Actions - timesheets list offers an effortless way to manage timesheets either one by one or using the 'With selected' functionality for managing several timesheets in one go - approve, unapprove, edit, delete or export your data via CSV. Read more about all the possible actions from HERE.

4. Filters - on the left-hand side of the report there is a powerful selection of filters helping to sort and manage timesheets in a very focused way.

5. Columns - decide what columns are needed for a report by adding and removing them using the Columns option. The Timesheets List's columns are sortable helping you to arrange your data, e.g Rate, Variance, Event, Tags, etc.

6. Grouping - group timesheets using different grouping options available to view and manage the data as needed.

7. Save View - save your frequently used filters and columns combination by using 'Save View' functionality. This allows you to save all your filters and columns selections making it easy to access the same list layout next time without setting it up again.

TIP! Save View is an excellent way to create a CSV export file columns selection and you can share the view with other admin users!

8. Timesheet's side-bar - shows action history for the timesheet actions and is opened if you click on a specific timesheet row.

9. Problem indicators - in combination with the 'Problems' filter and the visual highlights of issues with a timesheet help you to manage problematic timesheets efficiently.

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