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Check Calls function isn't working - how to set it up?
Check Calls function isn't working - how to set it up?
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Check calls functionality will help you to ensure the safety of your employees by making them check in periodically. If the check calls are not working, then please check the following points:

  1. Make sure Check Calls is switched ON under Subscription page                    

  2. Make sure that the employee has phone access switched ON on their profile

  3. Make sure that the Check Calls are enabled for the location that you wish to use the function for. Go to the Location's profile and open the Alarm Policy tab, there you will find the option to switch the relevant setting ON.

  4. Make sure that the alarm policy has been set up correctly - time intervals for check-ins and the phone number with correct format

  5. When creating the check call shift, make sure to tick the Check Calls option at the bottom of the shift creation dialogue

All the above points are fully described in our Check Calls overview article - please check it out for more information.

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