PARiM has made Notification management user-friendly and allows to set the preferences on what email notifications different user roles receive for the actions taken in the system.

If you are not getting an email notification if a person accepts/declines a shift, then this might be caused by two reasons:

1. You have only 'Superadmin' role. 

Users with 'Superadmin' role do not receive notifications by default so if you are a 'Superadmin' and want to receive the notifications you would need to add a 'Manager'role to yourself in addition to the Superadmin role. Read on how to do add a role here.

2. Scheduling notifications are turned OFF.

Please check your notification settings for specific user role under System Settings and turn them on when needed. Please open 'Notifications' settings and look up 'Scheduling' section, open the relevant role and switch the email notifications ON

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