Notification settings allow you to choose what notifications you want to send to your staff, supervisors and admins.

Follow these simple steps to set up email and SMS notifications:

  1. Hover over the torso icon at the top right corner of your screen

  2. And click onto ‘System Settings’ button

  3. Choose the ‘Notifications’ from pages sub-categories

4. Click on the slide box to turn the options 'ON' or 'OFF'


If you prefer, leave all the notifications settings set to 'ON' and let your people to choose how they would like to be informed about their new schedule and its’ updates. You will be able to see their portal settings displayed on their profile.

1. Go to person´s profile

2. Locate box with detailed staff profile information and Click on the last 'wheel' icon.

If you do not have SMS notifications available but would like to have this functionality activated for your company please contact customer support and we will activate this for you.

Additional charges apply.

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