This article covers topics such as what is 2FA, how to set it up, how to disable it and what to do when you can't sign in. It only covers the topics for admin portal. If you are an employee in your organisation, please see the following article: 2FA for employees

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

When signing in, you would normally need to enter your email address and password sign in. Two-Factor Authentication means that in addition, you also need to enter a time-based one-time password (TOTP). This is an additional security measure to keep someone else from signing in with your account even if they know your email address and password.

How to set up Two-Factor Authentication in Admin portal?

You can enable 2FA on employee profile page as seen below.

Authentication through app will be the default option. Setting up 2FA via SMS has two requirements. Voice & SMS module needs to be enabled as otherwise SMS-s with codes cannot be sent. SMS 2FA needs to be turned on in System settings as well, since each SMS has a cost unlike authenticator app codes.

In general, employees with smartphones should use the authenticator app to generate codes. SMS functionality allows people with non-smartphones to use 2FA.

To find out how to set up 2FA for your own account, see the steps in the 2FA employee guide.

How to disable Two-Factor Authentication in Admin portal?

You can disable 2FA on an employee account by turning off the slider on the their profile.

To disable 2FA for your own account, see the steps in 2FA employee guide.


I am unable to disable 2FA for my own account as an administrator. You can ask another user with administrator rights to disable 2FA for you.

I am the only user with administrator rights and I can't disable 2FA on my account. Contact Parim support through the chat bubble or send an email to

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