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PARiM has recorded webinars for self-learning on several topics. Please find the download links below:

All-in-one overview of PARiM on YouTube together with chapters to help you find the information you need.

Managing employee data with PARiM

Managing employee data with PARiM

A video overview of Pay Run.

Overview of Pay and Charge Priority Rules

A video overview of Timesheets List.

Employee portal functionality explained from the staff member perspective.

The best ways to update Pay rules without affecting historical pay data. We mention National Minumum Wage increase in the UK but the process of updating pay rules is universal.

7 tips to help you schedule faster

Best ways to implement pay & charge rules.

Mastering PARiM Reports and Absence Management. Best practices.

Find out about each toggle within the associated settings and set your holiday pay rules together with Austin.

If you have any questions about webinars, please contact us at support@parim.co.uk or through the chat function on our site.

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