Expenses can be added by both admins and staff members. After an expense has been added it has to be confirmed as a separate step - this applies both when an admin adds the expense or when a staff member does.

Expenses can currently be added to a shift only through the web portal (not the mobile app).

To add an expense, click on the shift to open the shift information window:

Click on "(+ add)" next to "Expenses" to open the "Update expenses" window:

Enter the expense name and amount. If you wish (or if your employer requires it), you can also leave a comment about the expense.

Once you've saved the expense, you won't be able to change it or remove it; however, your employer can either reject it or delete it.

Note that you can add multiple expenses to a single shift.

For an expense to be included in your wages, your employer would have to confirm the expense after you've added it.

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