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General Availability Feature Overview
General Availability Feature Overview
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With PARiM you can add or allow your employees to add availability or unavailability times to the calendar to successfully and efficiently plan your work schedule. This feature will provide you with visibility that helps to run a well-managed business ensuring that the right employees are being assigned to work.

Availability and Unavailability

PARiM allows you to decide whether you would like to add Availability or Unavailability. Availability is a preference of time when someone is ready and able to work whereas unavailability is a time when someone is unable to work due to time conflict or prior engagement.

Both of them can be added and changed via web account or using PARiM mobile app - this provides 360 degrees availability management.

As not all companies would like to let their employees manage their preferences for unavailability, then under Scheduling Settings within System Settings you will be able to decide whether this is allowed for your company employees or not.

Good to know! If you decide that your employees cannot manage their availability themselves, then admin users can still use the functionality on the Schedule to mark people as available or unavailable for all other admins to see.

Availability and Unavailability on Schedule

When an employee has been marked as available, then admin user will be able to assign shifts to that person knowing that the staff member is ready to work at that time. Within the mobile app, available employees will be displayed on the top of the employee list to assign shifts to and on the web admin user can sort the employees by availability.

When an employee has been marked as unavailable, then admin user will not be able to assign any shifts to the employee for that time as there is a clear indication that the staff member is not able to work at that time. Within the app, the unavailable employees are greyed out while choosing a staff member to assign the shift to and on the web the users have a grey striped block on their schedule row for unavailability.

Good to know! 

  • Admin user can always update the unavailability and after removing or editing the unavailability times, shift can be assigned to the employee.

  • Staff can add/edit the availability and unavailability for past and the future where they do not have published shifts.

  • It's possible to assign jobs to people even if they are set as unavailable.

Please see on how to add, edit and manage availability as an admin user:

Please see on how to add, edit and manage availability as a staff member:

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