You can give (or take away) access to the people portal from an employee at any time, either from only one person or do it in bulk.

Single member access

To change a single employee's access settings, go to their profile page by clicking on their name on the People page.

In their main information section, you will see a big green slider button for access. To grant or revoke access, just click on the slider and confirm.

Bulk access

Want to grant or revoke access from several people at the same time? No problem - just go to the People page, tick the boxes in front of the people you want to give access to (or take it away from).

Then click on the 'With selected' button and select either 'Grant access' or 'Revoke access'. This will complete the chosen action on the people you have selected.

Please note:
Every time you grant an access to a person, they will receive an email with their new login information.

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