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People page gives you an overview of all the employee details and helps you easily manage these conveniently from one place. Whether you need to monitor the certificates expiry, add people to departments or export their details - People list is the place for it! Here is everything you can do on here:

1.  Add new staff to the system

Adding new person into the system is a simple process and can be done by various ways. Click on the green 'Add a person' button in the top right-hand corner of the 'People' page to find the three options and find the suitable for you.

'Add a person' allows you to enter an individual staff member to the system - simply fill in the information about the new staff member and they will then show on the Staff page.

'Import from file' comes in handy if you need to bulk upload many staff members at once.

'Invite' options allows you to send your staff members e-mail invitations to invite them to join PARiM - all they have to do then is accept the invite in the e-mail they receive, log in, fill in their details and voila - you have a new staff member!

Read here to find out more about adding people to the system.

Use the search box to find staff members by searching for any of the following data: Name, Email, Staff ID, Phone, Second phone and NIno.

3. Actions for individual and multiple staff

You can perform all the necessary actions such as adding and editing positions, sites, departments etc directly on the People list either for an individual person or for multiple people at once.

For individual actions click on the three dots next to person's name and choose the relevant option. To perform action for multiple people simply select the relevant persons by ticking their names and then open the actions list by clicking on 'With selected' button.

4. Choose the details you wish to see about people

The columns select option allows you to work with the information that is important to you. Use the columns icon (three vertical lines at the top of the list) to choose the columns that you wish to be displayed on the People list. Customize the list to suit your needs and find the information quickly.

5. Message selected people

To message people you will firstly need to select the persons by ticking their names after which a Message option will appear at the top of the list.

6. Export CSV and print people details

To print or export a CSV click on the blue Actions button on the top right corner and choose the relevant option. A box will open where you can select which columns exactly you wish to be included.

7. Monitor expiry dates for person's passports, visas and other certificates

At the front of the person´s name there is a Problems column, a red circle will appear there to alert about the problem, for example, if a passport is about to expire or expired. If you hover over the red circle it will give you more information on the problem.

8. Notes - add, edit and search directly on People list

You can easily add/edit notes directly on the People list by clicking on the three dots next to person's name and it will then open an individual actions list. The second option is View Notes, please see below.

Once a note has been added to person profile a note icon will be displayed in front of their name. You can open their notes directly by clicking on it. It will then open up a sidebar where you can see, add and remove notes.

You can also search notes - if you have written notes to staff and wish to search by them you can easily do so by using the Notes search box. Simply enter a word or a phrase and it will show you the staff who has a note with that content added to them.

9. Delete multiple persons

You can end contract for or delete multiple persons at once directly on the People list. Firstly, you will need to select the persons by ticking their names on the list and then click on the 'With Selected' button to open up more actions. Choose either 'End contract' or 'Delete' according to what you're looking to do.

Please note!  In order for the 'Delete staff' option to appear the person's status needs to be changed to other than Approved or their contract needs to be ended first. If you choose to delete persons' all the data related to them such as their shifts, timesheets and clocking actions will be irreversibly removed from the system!

10. Contract Ended staff page

Persons whose contract has ended will be automatically moved to the Contract Ended list which you can find under the Employees filter. 

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