Understanding User Roles
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In PARiM system you will find that there are five user roles. The Superadmin, Manager, Department Supervisor and Location Supervisor roles have access to the admin portal and the Employees have access to the staff portal.

An Employee is the default setting and means that the person can access the staff portal to view their personal schedule and timesheets, manage shifts, apply for open positions and keep their eye on assets and documents - employees do not have access to the admin portal or the right to change others' settings.

Location Supervisor can schedule, monitor time-clock, approve worksheets, manage and amend certain people information that is assigned to his/her’s supervised location/s. Supervisors do not have the access to the information about any other location or person, as well no financial information is provided to them by default.

Department Supervisors are similar to the Location Supervisors, the only difference is that they are given the access to manage the people that are assigned to certain departments. Financial information is not provided to the department supervisors by default as well.

Managers can log into the administration portal and manage most overall company work - view and organize information about clients, locations and people, use the scheduling options, view and approve worksheets, events and manage documents and stock. Managers can be also given the full access to financial information.

Superadmins have all the same rights as a manager, but they can also change the user role permissions and main account settings and have by default access to all financial information.

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