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Is it possible to set more than one role to employee?
Is it possible to set more than one role to employee?

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In PARiM we have 5 different roles - Employee, Location Supervisor, Department Supervisor, Manager and Superadmin. Each of the roles is granting specific type of access to PARiM portals - Staff and Admin.ย 

It is possible to give many roles to people who have access to the Admin portal, for example, one person can have a Superadmin, Manager, Department Supervisor and Location Supervisor roles.
โ€‹A regular employee, however, can only have an employee role because that allows them to access the Staff portal. It would not be possible for a staff member to have an employee role and an admin role because it would require access to two different portals.

If you want to add an admin role for an employee and with that grant access to Admin portal, then this can be done by following the simple steps in the 'How to add more Admin users' article.

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