If you wish, you can give your employees location supervisor, department supervisor, manager or even superadmin rights - managers can login into the admin portal and make most changes in it, superadmins can do all that plus give access to the superadmin role, system settings as well see all financial information. Go here if you wish to know more about the roles.

You can see a person's roles on their Main Info page under their profile picture. If you're a superadmin or a manager and want to give them any role, click on role. This will redirect you to the 'Roles' page where you can add the role to that staff member.

To add a new role you need to click on the '+add' button and fill in required information. When done just click on the green button at the end of selections and you are done.

After a certain role rights has been given to that person the information that the role gives the access to can be viewed by using same log in details as before.

As well, if you wish to see who was given what roles within the system click on the 'Roles' sub-category on the 'People' page.

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