In calendar view, shifts are color coded to give you a better overview of what is going on.

Green stands for approved - these are shifts that have been confirmed completely. By clicking on each shift you can see in more detail.

When a shift has a 'Confirm' attached to the shift this means that you need to confirm the hours you have worked. To confirm just click on the shift and follow instructions.

Yellow shifts are waiting for your approval - if the settings require for staff confirmation then you need to approve them for them to be confirmed. To approve or decline the shift, click on it. This will open a little pop up window with both an 'accept' and 'decline' option in it.

Blue is for when you've applied for a shift yourself - you can learn how to apply for shifts here. These shifts need confirmation from an admin. To cancel your application, click on the shift and then "cancel" in the pop up window.

Pink stands for absences - when you request for an absence, it needs to be approved by an admin, if the absence is not approved it will be displayed in striped pink. Once your admin approves the absence will be coloured fully in pink.

Unavailability - when you set yourself unavailable it is displayed in striped grey colour. By clicking on it you can view in detail or remove it. To set yourself unavailable just click on the empty day in the calendar and follow instructions.

Knowing the shift statuses will hopefully help you better understand and manage what is going on in your schedule. Now you can go ahead and have a look at these other articles about shifts:

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