The "Tools" section is accessible from the "Schedule" tab on the top right.

Note: Some tools in this category are available only under specific subscriptions levels

Labor cost:

Available from the Premium plan.

Displays the Total Shift Pay on the Statistics Bar as well as under a person's name to give an overview of the Labor Cost.

Statistics bar:

Available from the Professional plan.

Gives an overview directly on the Schedule calendar of how many shifts and hours have been assigned or are still open, the total hours covered for an individual and for the time period.

  • The green row shows confirmed shifts

  • Yellow indicates pending shifts that are still waiting to be approved

  • Blue stands for the open shifts which have not yet been assigned to people

Select Mode:

Allows you to perform actions for multiple shifts in one go - you can copy multiple shifts to another person or time period, accept multiple shift applications or delete shifts in one go. When the Select Mode is ON a blue bar appears on the calendar and if any shifts are selected the possible actions will show on this bar.

It allows you to filter select employees and manage their particular shifts. Once you are done with editing just switch off the select mode to see all your employees and full calendar view.

Timeline View:

Displays the exact duration of shifts, absences and unavailability. This function is especially helpful if you're managing overnight shifts as it will give a clear indicator of where one shift ends and another one starts.


Choose whether you want to show or hide the conflict indicators on the calendar. The conflicts include work and rest time rule violations, missing qualifications, expired visas, banned sites and more.

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