You can edit the basic information for a person by clicking on their name in the People list. This will take you their profile, where you can view and update all of their background information and settings. 

To edit their main information:

1. Click on the green 'Edit' button in the top right corner. This will open a pop up window where you can insert or update the most basic information about your employee.

2. Make any changes you wish.

3. Click 'Update'.

On the right hand side of the main info section you can see the absence chart/doughnut, which displays the person's absence information. To update the information or add a new absence for the employee, click on either 'Update' or 'Add' under the graph. You can read more about the absence settings here.

Under the main info section you should see Details. Right under that tab there are settings called 'Positions' and 'Departments' - this is where you can fix certain positions and departments to your employees. To add it, click on the '+Add' button.

To the right from Positions you will see the Staff Personal Rate section - this allows you to determine a personal rate for each staff member – if you fill this in, it will always be applied when assigning this member to a shift.

There are also three other blocks in the Details section which is right under the main information - Work Details, Passport/ID Card, Emergency Contacts, Bank Account and Applied Work Time Rule. We strongly encourage you to fill in all of this information about your people - this will ensure that all the necessary info is there when you happen to need it.

To edit the information in these sections:

1. Click on 'Edit' in the top right corner of each section.

2. Fill in or edit any information you need.

3. Click 'Update' and the information should now be displayed in the section.

Now you have inserted or edited the main work information about your employee. Here's the next article.

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