With PARiM you can run different reports on shift hours - both on the scheduled and the actual worked ones. 

Please find below the list of reports that will show shift hours:

  1. Timesheet summary - actual shift hours

  2. Position Coverage - scheduled shift hours and actual shift hours

  3. Payroll - scheduled shift hours OR actual shift hours based on the selection made within System Settings for Pay Run report. Read more about the setting HERE

  4. Invoicing report - scheduled shift hours OR actual shift hours based on the selection made within System Settings. You can read more about the Invoicing report HERE

The timesheets with the actual shift times from the Time Clock page will show on the Timesheet Summary report. On other reports, for example, Payroll and Position Coverage report, you can choose whether you want to include the scheduled or actual shift times on the report. If the hours show wrong on the Timesheet Summary report, then you need to open the Time Clock page to see the shift´s history with scheduled hours versus actual hours and 'Activity Log' to be able to check from where the difference is coming from.

On the Time Clock page click on the shift row to open a 'Timesheet' sidebar which has all the detailed information about the shift including the Shift Details and Activity Log where every action that has been taken with the shift has been recorded.

There are several reasons why the actual hours are not matching with scheduled ones:

  1. Clocking in and out has been done outside the shift hours

  2. Shift has been scheduled with a break, but the break has not been taken

  3. Timesheet has been approved without corrections

Good to know! The actual times are highlighted in red if they are different from the scheduled shift time. If you need to amend the actual shift hours simply click on the input and enter the correct start and end time. Please have a look at the Time Clock page overview

Please note! It is not possible to save shift time changes during a running shift! All changes need to be made after the shift has ended.

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