The company administration portal is for easily managing overall company work - viewing and organizing information about clients and staff, various scheduling options and monitoring, guiding and forecasting the management process as a whole.

On your Dashboard “Action Required” notifies you of all new updates in the system including new shift applications, client requests, worksheets that need your approval etc. You can also view a live feed of all shifts being covered by staff members on that specific date, upcoming shifts and positions that need to be filled in the course of the week and a quick overview of your private messages and latest actions performed on the site.

When you log into the admin portal for the first time, the site will automatically play a virtual tour for you - just to let you know what's what and what are the most important things you should know and do. The tours will only automatically start and play once - when you log in for the very first time - however, if there are any tours on the page you can find and replay them at any time by clicking on the question mark icon in the top right corner of your tool bar and clicking on the tour name.

Schedule allows you to view all shifts that need to be covered each day including the location, required position and work hours of a specific shift. You can easily assign those shifts to staff members in the system by simply dragging a specific shift to a staff member's name. After the schedule has been fully assembled, you can publish the updates either one shift at a time or publish the whole weekly schedule – involved staff members will then get a notification of the shift(s) assigned to them and if their confirmation is needed, can either approve or reject it. There is also the option of sending a rota, which will email the whole weekly schedule to everyone working that week.

The Time clock page provides you with the real time clocking and the location where staff member has clocked in and out. Nonetheless, this page provides you with the historical clocking information, which can be viewed over the specific period of time or by member of staff, position and site. On this page you, as the admin, can modify and approve clock in and out hours.

Sites contains an overview and contact information of all both active and inactive locations in which your clients are situated and also has a work schedule overview of every specific site, which can be viewed by clicking on the small calendar icon on the left of the clients name. Clicking on the site name itself will show you detailed information about that specific site, including:

  • location map;
  • contact persons;
  • preferred or banned staff members;
  • upcoming events;
  • any existing documents linked to the site.

You can also add new sites by clicking on the “Add Site” icon and inserting the necessary information about the new site.

The Events page displays all upcoming and past events in either a calendar or list form. Both views display specifics about the event (what kind of and how many staff members are needed, who is the client etc.) and also allows you to easily add new events by simply clicking on a specific day, picking 'Add new event' and filling out the necessary information fields about the event in general and the team involved.

Absences gives you a quick overview of all staff members' absences. You can filter the view by staff member, absence type and site and view details about absences. You can also add new absences.

Staff page displays the overall list of all of your staff members, including their contact information, any existing certificates (and their expiration dates), last login date and allows you to quickly and easily add new staff members to the system. Clicking on the staff member's name will take you to their profile where you can view, add and edit detailed information about them. You can also display employees whose contract has ended and view and appoint administrators, staff absences and invitations you have sent to staff members.

On the same page you have the access to the subcontractors lits where you can add and edit their information.

Clients, similarly to staff, gives an overview of all the active clients your company currently has, their contact information, and the option to add new clients. Clicking on a client's name allows you to view, edit and add detailed information about them. There is also a feedback section, which allows your clients to give feedback about events and staff or report any incidents.

Assets displays all the assets your company has currently listed such as computers, uniforms etc. or the write off's and shows whether these assets are currently in stock or signed out – in case of being signed out, you can view exactly when and to which employee the asset has been signed out to and when it is expected to be returned.

Reports basically allow you to build, filter and manage your own reports according to your company's needs to give you an overview of pretty much everything important going on. You can also view most of the information in charts which give you a convenient visual overview of your stats. Reports include timesheets, absences, positions and revenue. Also included is the action history search, which you can use to search and filter through your entire system action log if you need to find anything pronto.

Other features in the company administration portal include:

  • document management, which allows you to upload and store any business or staff related documents and determine whether they are visible to users in the client and staff portals;
  • private messaging to both clients and staff members;
  • the question mark shaped icon in the top right corner of the tool bar is the help section, where you can give us feedback, go to our help centre or replay virtual tours if there are any on that page.

The very last icon on your upper toolbar allows you to access your profile settings, account settings, and billing and payments settings, which are all explained separately as follows.

Under your profile you can insert and view personal information about yourself including expertise, education and employment background and important health information, also visible on the profile pages are stock assets currently in possession, documents and individual worksheets.

Account settings allows you to view and edit company, staff, client and billing details and also frequently asked questions.

  • Company settings include general contact information for your company, allows you to choose which information is being displayed in the portal (show upcoming shifts to employees or not etc) and also manages what kind of rights your staff members have in their portals (is it allowed for a staff member to cancel a confirmed shift in staff portal etc). You can upload your company logo and manage the FAQ section,  which is company specific and your clients and staff members can see it in their portals - we highly recommend you edit them and add any information you think is important to employees and customers - it might help answer some of their questions from the get go.
  • Staff settings allows you to view, edit and add your staff members' different positions, user certificates, regions, languages and health information.
  • In client settings you can view and add different sectors your clients are in and also view and add categories for events and sites (private or public event etc).
  • Absence settings is all about different absences and all information regarding days off.
  • The billing and payments section gives you an overview of your billing and payment history as well as recent activity, displays your payment information and current balance and if you have inserted your payment information, also allows you to pay current balance right away. We are using Stripe as our payment gateway provider – we do not save your credit card details on the system.

In addition to the features in the main administrator tool bar, you can also constantly see all of your staff members in the left hand side list on the dashboard and see their current status (on/off duty), contact information and upcoming shifts.

 Now that you've got an overview of what you can do in the Admin portal, check out the three steps to get you started with using PARiM:

If you have a problem or a question you can't find the answer to in the help center, FAQ or anywhere else on the site, please contact us via the blue button located at the right bottom corner and we will be happy to help you out!

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