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Inviting available people to apply
Inviting available people to apply

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Once you have created open shifts in the calendar you can invite people who are available on those days to apply to the open shifts.

Find the "Publish schedule changes" button in the top-right corner and click on the arrow next to it to open the action menu. Select "Invite available people to apply":

A message window will open – on the left you will find the open shifts which will be included in the message. If you wish to exclude any, simply click on them. Next, write a message to the employees to invite them to apply to the shifts:

On the right, you will find the Suitable Recipients list. The people who are included as recipients are available and eligible to apply for at least one of the shifts based on the criteria set up in the System Settings. For example, if you have the "Position match requirement" switched ON then the system will only include people who have the correct positions attached to them in the recipients' list.

Finally, select whether you want the message to go out as an email and/or SMS and click "Send".

To use the SMS function your company would need to be subscribed to the SMS and Voice Module.

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