How to subscribe to PARiM software?

Sign up to PARiM, subscribe to PARiM

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Subscribing to PARiM software is easy - all you need to do is enter the payment card details to the system and that's it, you're all signed up!

Signing up after the trial period

Once the trial has ended and you log in to the system, you will be automatically directed to the payment details page where you can enter the card details and billing information.

Signing up during the trial period

1. If you choose to sign up to PARiM software already during the trial period, you will find a direct link to the payment details page on the Dashboard where it shows when the trial is about to end. If you press Sign up now or Subscribe now, it will take you to the page, where you can add your billing info:

2. You can also enter the payment card details if you go to the Billing page (hover over the torso on the top right-hand corner and select Billing) and click on the ''Add Payment Method'' to enter the card details.

Note: If you sign up already during the trial period you will be charged only after the trial has ended.

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