The Events page displays all upcoming and past events in either a calendar or list form. Both views display specifics about the event (what kind of and how many people are needed, who is the client etc) and also allows you to easily to export CSV of event details.

By following these next simple steps you are able to export CSV of team details for an event:

1. Look up the event under 'Event' tab and click on it

2. Then, the event sidebar will open on the right and you are able to see all the event detailsĀ 

3. In order to export CSV file, please click on the three dots and choose from the drop-down 'CSV'

4. Then, dialog box "Export Shift Info" opens and tick all the information you need and to include all the team details, please tick "Team Details" box and finally click on "Export" to have the data exported

5. Required CVS of team details for event will be then available on your device

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