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Why the data is not correct in the CSV file?
Why the data is not correct in the CSV file?

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With PARiM the reports can be exported as a CSV file. This option can be found under the blue 'Actions' button on the upper right side of the specific page. You can choose whether you want to export the data with the currently displayed columns or the detailed version where all the columns are included. 

  1. Data not converted correctly.

    CSV export is taking all the information from the system as it has been entered and does not make any changes to it. Newer versions of Excel automatically show CSV files in a similar way to regular Excel format files, where the data is separated into different columns, but that is not the case with older versions and some files may not have enough data for it to automatically correct the visibility of the file. In order to open the CSV file safely in excel without making any changes to the original data please use the office software Data functionality.

    The exact steps on how to get the data from the CSV file (text file) opened correctly might vary based on your office software - type and version. Different possibilities are listed HERE.

  2. Data missing.

    In PARiM, there are 2 ways the data that is exported can be customised. Either, when you press the Export button, it will bring a popup allowing you to customise the data columns or you need to use the Columns button to customise the view before using the Export button.

    Data could be missing due to the appropriate columns not being made visible on included in the data export.

CSV file export can be used on the following pages:

  • People

  • Clients

  • Locations

  • Shift List

  • Reports

  • Pay Manager

  • Events - on this page the data can be exported if you follow the steps provided in the following article

If you have any further issues with the exported data, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or through the Chat feature.

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