How to track Qualifications' expiry?

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With PARiM you can easily track your employee´s qualification expiration on the People page. 

Once you have added qualifications (like guided HERE) and added them to people (like guided HERE), you can start to track them following these simple steps:

  1. Open People page - add 'Problems' and needed 'Qualifications' to be visible columns 

  2. Add 'Qualifications' filter to the filter sidebar to look up Active/Expired or soon to be Expired qualifications

   3. Once you have filtered out the expired or soon to be expired qualifications, then         you can send a message to all the people at once about the need to renew their        qualification - just select all the people and send a message

Good to know! If you would like to notify only one person, then please click on their email address and this will open direct message window to the person.

TIP! With a few simple clicks, you can customize the People page view for your specific need to track qualifications and we strongly recommend to 'Save the View' for future - this way you would only need to open the pre-saved view and can start managing the qualifications more easily next time.

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